The Sierra Governing Documents:
2.        Original Rules & Regulations
3.        Assessment & Collection Resolution
4.        Assessment of Charges Policy
5.        Summary of Moving Procedures, Elevator Reservation Contract,
Move-in/Move-out Fees Resolution, Moving Fees and Procedures.
Key Release Agreement
7.        Due Process Procedure
8.        Parking Rules & Regulations
9.        Vehicle Registration Form
10.      Pets Policy
11.      No Pets on Elevator # 1 Rule
12.      Pet Registration Form
13.      Lease Addendums & Submission of Leases
14.      Master Key Policy
15.      Banning Driving Through the Loading Area Door
16.      Floor Covering Policy and Form
17.      Fitness Center Policy
18.      Sierra Cost Schedule for Providing Copies of Books and Records
19.      Sierra Resolution on Resolving Certain Complaints From Members and Others
20.      Sierra Resolution Regarding Bicycle Storage Policy
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